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Default 5 LAKES, 1 DAY

For those who don't know, we that live in the South Bay area are very blessed. There are numerous lakes that, while not the best managed and boat/bass angler friendly, are very close and fish well. My brother came down from Visalia friday night to visit here in Gilroy for the first time. First order of buisness was to do some fishing. I have told many times of the lakes around and we could not decide which to hit. Then a thought crossed my mind, "why dont we hit em all", I said. So we set a goal to hit the closest five and catch a bass from each. At 6:30 am we started at Coyote and tried topwater to no avail. We the water clarity dirty from the recent rain we targeted points with black worms and jigs and picked up a few 1-2 lbs. By 9 am we were headed to Anderson. Got to wood chopper area around 9:45 and found the water completley clear. First 4 casts with a jig and worm produced four good fish. then kinda slowed. Mudlines started forming from the boat traffic and we still caught fish just not as hot. After a few hours of Anderson we headed to Calero. Water was dirty, but very fishable. We walked from the ramp to near the dam and back and only picked up a few fish 1.5-2.5 lbs. The came on texas rigged worms or traps ripped from the grass. You had to try to snag some grass and then slowly pull till it popped free then they would nail it. We were 3 for 3 with 2 stops left, Chesboro and Uvas. Chesboro was chocolate soup with about a quarter acre of crap pushed up against the dam. So when life gives you lemons... bust out the punching gear. Worked the debris hard and punched two good fish out of the muk. Caught a few more with black swim senkos along the edge. 4 for 4 with 1 to go. We get to UVAS and it is as bad or worse than chesboro. We try punching, cranks, jigs, worms with no luck. Although 5 for 5 would've been awesome, 4 for 5 aint bad. Not many people can say they fished 5 lakes in 1 day, and caught fish at four of them. I will try again and there are some more lakes in range. Who knows maybe a 7 for 7 or an 8 for 8............
Johnny Beasley
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