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Ken Sauret
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Default Re: Lowrance images

My HDS 10 at my console has an LSS-1 connected to it and the ducer for it is on the step of my Ranger under the jack plate. It reads to about 8 or 9 MPH while I'm looking around on the big motor then when I get on pad it is out of the water. This protects it as I'm running from damage via logs or other floating debris. Funny thing is even though the ducer is not in contact with the water I still get a bottom reading from my digital overlay data depth on the screen up to about 40 MPH.

My second LSS-! is mounted up front under the bow panel and the ducer for that unit is on the trolling motor in front of the skag and my 2D ducer is mounted behind the skag. This way I have both options while fishing. I filmed the Jarrett Edwards Outdoors show last summer, 2009, introducing the Structure Scan and that whole show was filmed with the LSS-1 ducer mounted on the trolling motor.

I can't agree with your comments about having a ducer mounted off the transome and trying to view it up at the bow. What good is an image from 20 feet behind you that you are moving away from? None at all unless you are on a limited budget and you could only afford one LSS-1 and you connect the Structure Scan to the front unit and watch it while you're fishing and when you see something on the screen you want to check out then hit your arrow keys to bring up the cursor and move it over the interesting object and hit waypoint and then turn around and navigate back to that object on the Chart screen. This takes a little extra time but you will still find stuff that you didn't know was there and be able to fish it.

There is a company back east that makes an aluminum protector for the LSS-1 ducer when it is mounted on the trolling motor. This is a great idea since this is a very expensive ducer, something like $350.00, and if you guys are like me I run into stuff with my trolling motor way more that I want to you want to protect it from damage.

Sorry for the delay in my response, I'm in Kauai with my wife and daughter. When I get back I'll try to remember to look up that company with the ducer protectors if you would like to know, remind me next week.
Ken Sauret
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