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Default New Batteries. How long do they last and How much do they cost?

After hearing about your batteries from the Classic Coverage. I have a few questios.
How long do they last and how much are they?

They last up to 15 years according to the manufacturer Lithionics. I havenít had them very long so I donít know for sure. When it comes to daily use on them, again I havenít had them for long, but at the classic I trolled around a lot and held myself in place in the wind and I didnít have any loss in power. One of the neat things about them is they stay at full power with the same output in terms of voltage consistently all the way until they are dead. They wonít get weaker as they day goes on like typical batteries.

Another thing I have noticed is that typically I would have to charge my batteries 4 to 6 hours to get them back to full power. With the Lithionics batteries, I plug them in and 20 to 30 minutes later they are fully charged. Lithionics says a full charge on completely dead batteries would take about 1 Ĺ hours.

As for the cost, they are going to cost a lot. Lithium is an expensive commodity, its kind of like gold its hard to get an expensive. I am unsure of exactly what the retail is going to be as they are still working on that, but I am guessing somewhere around $1000 each. Thatís a lot, but besides just the performance increase remember these batteries only way 22 pounds compared to 65 pounds and have a life expectancy of 15 years with a full 5 year warranty.

The reduction in weight in your boat literally lets your boat sit 2 inches shallower in the water. I compared my boat to another phoenix with the same motor and my boat was 2 inches higher out of the water. You know how much I would have paid in the past to be 2 inches higher? Think of all the backwaters at Havasu, the Delta, Clear Lake and similar areas I could get into even further. I am sure having the Litionics batteries is going to help me on tour.
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