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texas john
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Default Soft Plastic Topwater baits reviewed

I had a request to review some topwater baits so I am starting with a new variety, the soft plastic topwater baits.

I reviewed two different products.

The Sizmic Toad and the D&M Topwater Dawg

The Sizmic Toad...

The Toad comes in a variety of sizes and colors and creates a good action on the top with the legs twisting and turning on a fast retrieve. The bait is designed with a hook slot on top. The biggest downside to this bait is the hook slot, as I threw the bait into heavier cover and tried to pull it thru the hook would get caught up. The baits action was good on a fast retrieve but when you slow down the toad begins to sink. The plastic on the bait's body is pretty stiff and sank rather quick which was good when retreiving it over mats and stopping it so it could fall into a whole. Honestly I think this baits design and action would make it an excellent punching bait, more so than the topwater it is desinged as.

The D&M Topwater Dawg

The Dawg comes in only one size currently (new size coming soon) and a variety of colors as well. The beaver style main body with the butterfly appearing wings created a bubble trail on the retrieve. With the beaver appearing body the hook was easily skin hooked and the plastic was durable enough to allow me to pull the bait thru heavy cover with out the hook getting caught on the cover. The Dawgs action was good on a meduim and fast retrieve. The bait does not float which I found to be a plus and a minus. Big long cast I could kill the bait over a hole in the weeds and allow it to sink into the hole but when pitching in close I had to put it in a little deeper so I could get it back to the surface which only takes a couple of turns.

Over all both baits are great in most categories. I would give the thumbs up on both but for different things.

Try the Sizmic Toad, if you dont like the topwater action tie it up as a punch bait and I feel it is a better bait for that application.

Same goes for the Topwater Dawg, the action is great on top and it falls at senko speed when killed. Throw it deep in the cover and pull out the big girls, or try it as a jig trailer, either way you will be happy.

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