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texas john
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Default Why???

Why do most of us have a go to bait and when all else fails we pick it up and catch fish???

Its called confidence! Most of us establish this thru the process of learning a bait and fishing it more often than others.

For me that go to bait has been anything I can flip, for others its big baits or power fishing but the key to success with all of these is doing it.

I know that in order to build my confidence in a bait I must use it and we all know that a dry bait will never catch any fish. So how do we break ourselves of these go to baits to help us build that confidence in other techniques as well as making ourselves more well rounded anglers?

I for one am going to be focusing on just that this winter! I will be posting on here my progression as I work to become more versatile. I will post from trip to trip to share my results and the building blocks I am using to become better at new techniques. Will I go out with just a swimbait tied on???Most likely not at least in the begining but I hope to get to that point but the whole process will take a few trips.

The winter can be a good time to practice techniques and fine tune your game! If you can catch big fish in the winter you should be able to transfer the knowledge over to the spring and summer months.

So stay tuned!!!!
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