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Greg Cornish
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Default Finally got to see Fisherman's Warehouse and BPS in Manteca

Had to make a delivery for the wife today in Escalon. I was surprised because by merely accompanying her to a roadside vegetable stand where she was able to save $40 on some winter squash, she consented to accompany me to Fisherman's Warehouse and Bass Pro in Manteca.

The folks in Fisherman's Warehouse were a blast and I struck up a conversation with a one armed salesman. I forgot his name, but the lady said if I did, just call him Hook. He laughed but. Don't think I'm on a Hook named basis with him yet. We started talking fishing but it wasn't long before we drifted off into talking about amputations, broken spines and infections which of course always turns the women on. He gave me a tour of his prosthetic arm and wow how far they've come since the early 70s at the VA.

Electrical signals are now sent through muscles in the arm and the clamp/hook can bear down with up to twenty two pounds of graduated pressure. We discussed our strengths and difficulties and fishing methods and had a great time.

I loved the inventory, convenient layout and the help and found a perfect 704 Lamiglass and a matching gold Okuma Trio 40 to match up and left with a smile and $200 lighter.

At Bass Pro I had to beg the wife to come in, but once through the door she was awestruck. I thought she would start B!#%Hing about dead animals but she truly admired them. Out came the camera and I had trouble getting her past the front door. I reminded her that she was ready to pass out from hunger and mentioned the fudge shop. After 30 photos I got her inside. After being in Cabelas in Minnesota I wasn't all that impressed so I got out of there with just $12 of fudge and an awestruck wife.

As we left she said, "Oh my God Greg, the decorating in the entry is so fantastic! Do you think they hired a gay hunter to design it?"

I laughed my ass off.

At Granzella's in Williams she told me she had a thoroughly good time. I agreed. Sometimes good trips shopping at the right places with the right people can be as fun as fishing.

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