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Default Re: Alabama Rig: yay or nay?

Originally Posted by BassinBerge
From a tournament perspective I believe the Alabama rig should be banned. Don't get me wrong I like the rig and its ability to put fish in the boat and the positive effects it has had in the fishing community. However, the rig flat out catches fish whether you're good or not and for that reason I think it should be banned from tournament fishing. Bass cannot help themselves when the rig is presented at or around them and I believe it goes without say that tournament results have reflected that. It's unlike anything they've ever seen or heard before and I believe for that reason Bass will come from the depths to investigate. You might say the same thing happened with Swimbaits so what does that matter..... but they didn't have 2 to 4 brothers and sisters swimming side by side. Does anyone really think it takes any level of skill to chuck and wind this bait? Professional anglers who make a living fishing didn't get to where they are by chuckin a rig comprised of 3 or 5 separate lures on a single rig in a single cast. They got there by methodically casting single, individual lures to specific targets in attempt to entice a single fish.....and they do it over and over. Some argue that you still have to be able to locate the fish. Of course that is the case and will continue to be the case no matter what type of lures we throw. ....but the real question is why are we able to throw a rig that could potentially catch a limit of fish in a single cast? Seriously!!?? But you can't honestly believe that a fish will chose to eat a single bait over the Alabama Rig. One major reason as to why a Bass would attack the Alabama rig over a single lure is simply greater opportunity to fill their bellies. For inactive bass the rig has superior potential to entice a strike. I believe those who typically have a tougher time of locating and catching quality fish with a single lure would suddenly have better opportunity to put quality fish in the boat. Kevin Vandam has a knack for locating and catching bigger fish than most of his competitors using a single lure and he does it with a lot of regularity. He does it with precision casts and years of experience. It takes years to obtain the skills that Kevin Vandam has and I don't believe it is fair to throw oranges in the mix when it's always been apples. If you put an Alabama rig on every Elite anglers rod for every event to use in his arsenal I can guarantee you'll see a completely different lineup than we're use to seeing come championship week and that's why I don't think the rig should be used in tournaments. I can't say any of this is fact but it is my belief!
Sounds like you lost to an Alabama Rig! BWAHAHAHA!
Just kidding bro.
Good luck up at FLW Shasta. I hope you get a good draw and get on them. Chris Beck will be up there Saturday fishing for the U.C. Davis college team. I hope y'all crushem! Tight lines to both of you.

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