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Sean Alarid
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Default Re: WON BASS IS THIS FOR REAL!!!!!!!

This is what Bill posted on

I had planned a full blown press release for Western Bass this morning to coincide with the January issue of WON BASS hitting the mail and our WON BASS website update. God Bless the U.S. Post office for doing their job as it appears a few got their issues of WON BASS a day early. It appears that the town criers have done their job well and the bandwagon gang has acted predictably by jumping on board.

Yes it is true. Under the current set of cir^&*(stances, WON BASS is unavoidably going to have to change the format of the 2009-year. The Lake Shasta Pro-Am is going on as scheduled for Feb 21-22nd with a Nitro Z7 boat Mercury Motor to be given away. The remaining two dates we have set in the North will be changed to stand alone big bass events that are significantly different than the HBC events that we are being accused of copying. Those who think we are copying this event have obviously not read the details of these two contests. Details of these two new events are outlined in WON BASS and can be found on our website at

The Team Championships and U.S. Open remain unaffected and are going forward as scheduled.

The remainder of the Southern season Castaic Lake and Diamond Valley Lake are being cancelled due to water conditions. Anglers who have placed deposits on any of the changed or cancelled events are welcome to move their monies over or call in to Ashley at (949) 366-0030 ext 38 and request refunds.

Are these changes going to please everyone? Some yes, some no. Im sure that most people are not pleased about the cutbacks they are having to make in their personal lives either due to reduced sales, reduced incomes, or losses of their jobs altogether. These actions were taken out of necessity and were not some willy nilly throw caution to the wind change that was made after some drunken night on the town as some are thinking.

Those of you who know me will understand that what I have done here is to make the best possible program out of what pieces of the puzzle I was able to work with. Those who simply want to bloviate online, fire away. WON BASS has been serving the anglers of the West for the past 2 decades and will continue to do so into the future. We run good, fair events with a good payback and look forward to getting back on track as soon as the economy settles down.

As always, the scariest but most accessible phone number on the planet is mine (949) 366-0030 ext 29. I am here to discuss the details of the coming season with anyone who wishes to call and get the facts.

Bill Hutcheson

Bobby D's custom baits
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