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Image Interpretation

  1. Plankton Activity captured with Humminbird Side Imaging
  2. Gator on Video then Humminbird SI on the Trolling Motor Screen Captures
  3. 360 Imaging and LakeMaster Mapping
  4. Hybrid Huntin' with Humminbird Side Imaging on the Trolling Motor
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  6. Using SI to Catch PreSpawn & PostSpawn Bass
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  8. SI Fun: Can you Find and Name the 3 Man Made Structures?
  9. What in the Wide Wide Underwater World did I Capture?
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  12. Find the Fish?
  13. What did my Humminbird Side Imaging Find?
  14. Comparing the 3 Sonars: Down Imaging, Side Imagin, Switchfire 2D
  15. Do you see what I see?
  16. Bass in the Grass...Humminbird Side Imaging
  17. Interesting Image??? What's happening on the Right Side????
  18. Drop Shotin' with Humminbird Switchfire Sonar
  19. Deep Water Side and Down Imaging Images
  20. 455kHz versus 800kHz Side Imaging - Rock Quarry
  21. Where Down Imaging out performs 2D
  22. Side Imaging tells a Story...
  23. Splitting the Pipe...Humminbird 2D, SI and DI
  24. Structure Lesson 301: What is it?
  25. The Perfect Split...
  26. What Did I find here???
  27. Trolling Motor Side Imaging: Shallow Water
  28. Master Degree in Strucutre Interpretation
  29. Switchfire 2D Sonar Finds the Fish!
  30. Structure In-Depth...
  31. Big Fish! What did I find???
  32. Interpreting SI and DI Images by Eddie Kendrick
  33. Which side???
  34. Interesting Switchfire 2D Images
  35. Here Fishy, Fishy! Can you see the Fish?
  36. Almost felt like I was Cheating....
  37. Comapring the 3 Sonars: Down Imaging, Side Imagin, Switchfire 2D
  38. Deep water Spooning images
  39. Trolling Motor Mounted SI...Fishing Holding Structure
  40. Humminbird 2D Image Interpretation
  41. Interesting Find...
  42. Which Trees Would You Crappie Fish?
  43. Which side???
  44. Super Shallow SI - 1.8 Feet
  45. Shallow water Side Imaging - 3.1 Foot
  46. Interesting Switchfire 2D Images
  47. Here Fishy, Fishy! Can you see the Fish?
  48. Humminbird 2D Image Interpretation
  49. What do we have here?
  50. Fish ID question
  51. What have we found here?
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  53. Down Imaging vs Side Imaging
  54. Thank you!!!
  55. Image Interpretation basic Rules read 1st
  56. Identifying Structure...
  57. What is this?
  58. Shallow Water Side Imaging
  59. Find the Fish...
  60. Structures 102: Trolling Motor Mounted SI
  61. Structure Image 101
  62. Hard Bottom/Soft Bottom Red/Green Color Pallette..